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The mine

The Kullen area is like a Swiss cheese.

Below the fields and villages lies a dark, silent and waterfilled landscape. Only the slag heaps remain.

Coal mining in Höganäs started in 1797 and lasted until 1961. The A-shaft from 1797 in Tjörröd was dug out in 2011. Here the coal lies in a thin layer cirka five meters below ground.

Step into the mine and experience how it was to work down there.

The Mine cinema

In 1967 scenes from the classic Swedish tv-series “Kullamannen” were filmed in Höganäsbolaget’s mine cinema, which was 100 meters below ground at the time.

The cinema is the only one of its kind in Sweden and a minor sensation when it opened in 1954. When the mine closed, the cinema moved to the museum. “Kullamannen” is screened on special occasions or on demand. We also show films on mining, pottery, famous artists as Åke Holm, the last train to Mölle, etc.


Down here you'll find our exhibition of local potters, 20th century pottery and contemporary ceramic art.

Höganäsbolaget – The Höganäs Company Höganäsbolaget  mined coal. The clay that could mined as well could be used for bricks and pottery. The coal was used in the ovens. Production...

Salt-glazed – a large scale industry Salt glazed stoneware is Höganäs’ backbone. The main income came from industrial goods: bricks, tiles, slabs and sewage pipes. The flow of salt glazed...