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Contemporary pottery from the collection

KKAM has one of Sweden’s premier collections of modern Scandinavian pottery.

It’s a collection in motion, an indicator of the state of contemporary pottery. Anything can turn up here: spontaneous themes, the latest trends, the biggest stars and forgotten heroes brought back into the spotlight. The collections grow with purchases, gifts from artists and generous donations, especially from Höganäs Museum’s friend and benefactor of many years, Jan Bogren.

Down here you'll find our exhibition of local potters, 20th century pottery and contemporary ceramic art.

The Kullen area is like a Swiss cheese. Below the fields and villages lies a dark, silent and waterfilled landscape. Only the slag heaps remain. Coal mining in Höganäs started...

Höganäsbolaget – The Höganäs Company Höganäsbolaget  mined coal. The clay that could mined as well could be used for bricks and pottery. The coal was used in the ovens. Production...