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Opening hours

1/9-30/12 Tuesday-Sunday 13-17


Adult 80 sek
Free admission for these 18 and under
Anual pass + one 450 sek

Public holidays

All Saints Day 4/11, 13—17
Christmas Eve closed
Christmas Day closed
Boxing Day closed
New Years Eve closed

Find us

Museum and exhibitions

Polhemsgatan 1, 263 37 Höganäs
042-34 13 35

Ceramic studio and pottery

Gärdesgatan 4b, 263 39 Höganäs
042-33 01 80

About us

Coal and clay are the foundations of Höganäs’s modern history. In the 18th century this was a place for farmers and fishermen, not potters. This changed with industrialism and with coal and clay mining Höganäs became the heart of Swedish pottery. Nowhere in Sweden does the passion for pottery run deeper than here.

The local potteries, household goods, fine pottery and craftsmen have influenced generations. Pottery put food on the table and Höganäs on the global map. There were Höganäs items in every home and relatives who have worked with clay.
The Höganäs Feeling, a pride and love for the craft, is always present.

Höganäs museum opened in 1925 on the initiative of Albin Hamberg, potter and teacher. The local potters have been engaged in the museum ever since.


The board

Mårten Castenfors, chairman
Joakim Bengtsson
Jenny Lindén Urnes
Maria Axelsson
Göran Barsby
Ylva Kristina Ekelund
Sofia Orre
Ewa Pihl Krabbe