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Renata Francescon


The exhibition explores how forest and trees are as intertwined and cyclic as humans.

Renata Francescon has explored the lives of plants for years and, as a result, the passage of time and the frailty of existance.

In the exhibition Renata Francescon touches upon myths and fairy tales, where the forest often is mystic, filled with secrets and spirits. The stories link the forest with the unknown, that can harbor both the amazing and the terrifying.

Renata Francescon’s work connects to the existential, our deepest feelings, inner power and vulnerability. Her works develop in the meeting of opposites. It has taken her to areas that initially don’t seem connected. It is shapes where the glaze i layered, thicker here, thinner there, an impression of a flow halted in mid-motion, a frozen moment. It’s also works stripped down to only clay and shape.

What connects the works is how the repetition of a module or form changes the nature of the item. Another recurring theme is the relation of light and shadow, both physically and in a broader sense. She has worked with shapes and forms where the light creates shadows, that become new shapes. It can be a reminder of vague memories, experiences, recollections or feelings.

Renata Francescon has exhibited and is represented in museums in both Sweden and abroad. She works as a teacher of pottery art at HDK-Valand at Gothenburg University.