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Proposal for extension


A destination for art, pottery and crafts and a place to meet in Upper Höganäs

The existing buildings are located in a culturally historic context, where the passing of time has left visible traces.

This will get a new addition: a coherent two floor brick construction and a lower, open construction that unite the sculpture garden with the villa and its garden. The present art gallery opens up towards the museum’s older, intimate courtyard, which will connect the three rooms by the yard via the revised art gallery’s transparent spaces.

The art gallery’s rooms, both present and new, meet the visitor at the entrance. They invite both mind and body to wander and experience the connection of the inner and outer rooms, the light and open versus the inner and more closed. The historical layers are interconnected. Space, matter and light become one.

The new building with workshops, oven and archive, springs from an idea of robust, welcoming rooms with concentrated sources of light adapted for both work and exhibitions. It’s a space for professional artists from around the world to mingle with local students, a creative environment with access to experience and knowledge of the clay’s history, its present context and the challenges and expressions of the future.

The city, architecture and art work together to put a contemporary mark on the site and in history.

Architects: Emil Bäckström and Petra Gipp – Gipp arkitektur

Photo © GIPP arkitektur