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Linn Fernström

June 10 – August 20

Ceramic Landscapes

The love of clay started in a small cove beneath an elm.
My and my siblings dug in the mud and found clay.
We sculpted and made imprints.
The water blurred and the clay dribbled between fingers and toes.
A breeze passed trough the branches as we stood bowed over wet creations.
An old bathing suit came off when lips turned blue and dried on a rubber dinghy held together with glue.
Later the game with clay solidified and burned into eternity.
At school through adolescence where the shelves crammed with shiny and muted stories
In the play with form outlines turned sharper and grew.
A bee sat on, walked through and remained inside the cupola.
The colour congealed and was thin, muted and matte.
As adulthood starts Boy is sculpted in actual size sitting on a chair.
Hands on knees, sandal-clad feet, wearing jeans and a shirt.
The clay dried and turned to dust.
Now he only exists in clay coloured photos.

Linn Fernström


We are honoured to welcome Linn Fernström to Sweden’s new center of pottery and art, KKAM in Höganäs.

During the last 20 years Linn Fernström (born 1974) has spellbound viewers with her idiosyncratic paintings and her take on nature and wildlife in a slightly surrealistic  style. No wonder that Linn, with her exhibitions and works at a number of major institutions is regarded as one of our leading contemporary artists.

But Linn Fernström’s paintings are not the focal point at KKAM in Höganäs. It’s her sculptures. True to our vision we invited Linn to KKAM’s studio, where she created a series of large works, uniquely for us.  The result  is extraordinary! The sculptures have Linn’s exceptional, characteristic motifs, a playfulness and lust that have landed in, and on, traditional Höganäs jars by Anders Johansson. Who could ask for anything more?

Linn also brings a number of works from her ceramic studio in Stockholm. They are shown side by side with the unique Höganäs objects.

Welcome to KKAM’s great summer exhibition, with clay at its center.