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Cecilia Kraitz

September 30 – November 5

The Whole

For a long time I existed in a world of sculptures. I ran like a child through oceans of clay, between the peculiar shapes and the always present scent of coal and wood. The fire in the big kiln that burned for days and days. The art that never ended, that always took center stage.

Then I left it all. Raised children. Did other things. Changed my name. But the yearning for the total presence of working with pottery caught up with me. I fired up wood and did raku. It’s a quick process where much can go wrong. That suited me. I reclaimed my name and invented a world of my own – with both raku and crockery.

From inner earth: the clay! And from clay – the bowl – the half sphere that can be filled with water and quench thirst. Or as an idea – a storage for memories, dreams, thoughts and hopes. The tea ceremony with the split sphere, the organic shaped bowl softly held, lips at its rim and the tasteful tea that warms and encourages inner peace and calm.

The abstract shapes are a recurring, almost obvious motif for me. It’s about the origin of life. The affinity and similarity of everything living – cells, microbes and repeated mathematical patterns. From the smallest to the largest. The whole.

Cecilia Kraitz