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Konsthallen – Art Gallery 2024

It’s going to be another great year for art exhibitions!

The program is set for this year’s exhibitions in the art gallery, even if some dates may change. We start with two solo exhibitions: Bertil Vallien and his pottery from the 1960s, followed by Jens Fänge.

Fänge, the renowned painter, will enter into uncharted territory as he exhibits pottery made at our KKAM Studio. We’re thrilled to see the result of his visit to the workshop.

We are also looking forward to show works by this year’s recipient of the Beckers Art Award – Joakin Sandqvist. It’s always exciting to know who the jury see as the rising star in the art world. Their expertise never disappoints.

We will also have our popular pottery auction. It’s usually held in summer, but in 2024 we’ll wait until September.

The HDK degree exhibition is one of the highpoints of the year. Anything can happen when these creative students are set free. Under the guidance of Renata Francescon, it promises to be an amazing show.

The year ends with the November Salon. Mårten Castenfors’s many salons at Liljevalchs in Stockholm have been very successful and KKAM’s first salon had the same vibe. There were so many applications that Mårten decided to make the November Salon an annual event.

The two Studio Rooms at the museum will have a number of shorter shows. More information to follow.


The art gallery’s program 2024

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Bertil Vallien
March 2 – April 28
Pottery from the 1960s and drawings

Joakim Sandqvist, Beckers Art Award 2024
May 4 – June 9

Jens Fänge
June 15 – August 25

Pottery auction
August 31 – September 29

HDK-Valand, Academy of Art and Design
October 5 – November 10

November Salon
November 16 – December 29
Jury selected artworks in all materials