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For schools

School classes from f-class to universities are warmly welcome to KKAM.

School bookings

Something special happens when a student gets a lump of clay in front of them. The imagination takes off, the creative joy awakens and the hands begin to shape. The concentration is almost palpable, the students develop before your eyes. Perhaps it is Höganäs’s next great ceramicist who creates his first work?

Book your school, class or perhaps a small group of students. Here they can create in clay in our newly built workshops. The works are fired and glazed and can be collected when they are finished.

We have a scheme that is specially designed for schools, but if you have other thoughts and schemes, we are happy to listen. Together we create an easy lesson with a little SO, Bild and NO, which is suitable for all ages.

Also for students with special needs

It is easy to get here and our premises are easy to be in, no matter what your needs are. Contact us, and we will make a plan that suits you.

The studio is open for school bookings autumn semester from week 34. Monday to Thursday 09.00-12.30

Watch students grow in our creative environment and studio. Welcome to the school workshop.

For more information and available times contact Johan Bjärntoft

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